Friday, February 11, 2011

It's been awhile

So, to those of you who have been checking our blog in anticipation of the next amazing post, well... here it is! We have gone from our last new years post, to having a second kid, starting to finish our basement, trying to sell our camper(any takers?), to having an amazing child live with us while we hope to finalize her adoption into our family. I had the chance to go to Haiti recently to help with some plumbing at the orphanage where our child was from. It was hard being away from my wife and kids for 9 days, but with the blessing of my wonderful wife, and a group of family and friends willing to help out, I had an amazing time. No time for leisure, but a time of realizing how truly blessed we are! God is sooooo good! If you have ever been to a 3rd world county, you know what I mean. There is such a feeling of where do you start? How can you get through the day? Where is my next meal coming from? Thank God there are people that have a genetic make up different than mine willing to tackle some of these questions. If you look at the big picture it would bowl you over, but as we tell our Keke when she eats, "you need to take small bites". That is what you need to do take "small bites". You don't have to solve the world's problems all at once, just be willing to help. If you take enough small bites, you will get full. That sounds a bit lame or like it came from one of those Anthony Robbins motivational speeches, but I think it's true. Not that you yourself get full, but that if enough people do just some small part in helping those in need, it goes a long way. You don't have to travel but just down the road to help. Maybe I wax to like, rah rah help guy, but I wanted to shoot a new post, and this is what started coming out.
Anyway, my trip to Haiti was sweet. The work was hard but good. The food was great, and the weather, well, 90 and sunny. Sorry, had to say it. I saw my first U N helicopter, U N soldiers, and the U N dude on the truck with the machine gun stand in the bed of the truck. We were safe. No riots or anything. Although the blizzard of '11 messed up other people's travel plans, mine remained on schedule, and I got home safely and on time. That was due to the tons of prayers lifted up so I could get home to my wife and kids. Thank you all!
So, I hope that after this update you all aren't hoping that I won't update for another year or so. Sorry for the lack of updating. I hope to keep you all in the loop every 6 t o 8 months or so. Enjoy the snow. Craig

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Years Celebration

Katelyn with her cousins Anna and Emma getting ready to bring in the new year!
Grandma Nana admiring her 22nd great-grandchild (what a legacy!)
                        Grandpa Adams with his three littlest grand-daughters
All the grand-kids on the Adams side (oldest to youngest)....Natalie, Billy, Becca, Isabel, Alyssa, Emma, Katelyn, Anna and Elijah
Craig and Elijah catching a few extra winks after the previous night's festivities
We pick names for Christmas and set a sister's girls had all the boys!!!  She got these fabulous jackets at Old Navy for an outstanding price!!!!! Cute!  Not sure how much the boys liked being twinkies :)
                                   Kristy Lyn, my sister, with our Grandma Adams
The dads/uncles and older kids LOVED playing Rock Band at my brother's house

We started 2010 spending time with our immediate and extended family in Wisconsin.  Everyone was thrilled to meet our newest addition!  

Highlights From Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve at our house with my family who decided to join us in attending the service at Corinth that night
My parents with the kids....KJ in her new penguin jammies from G&G
                     Katelyn and best bud/cousin Emma Grace
                We were so thrilled to have Aunt Catherine join us!
Elijah with his big cousin Isabel.....when she's around, we don't have to wonder who's holding our little man
I used "What Jesus Wants For Christmas" (a box set with characters/stable) to share the Christmas story with the girls...they loved the required audience participation!
Emma and Katelyn stood in front of the tree and sand every song they know for us
Christmas morning!!!!!  Daddy set up his old choo-choo train the night before to surprise KJ
                                                     Lots of hugs and kisses.....
Elijah and his one gift from us  :)......I can't wait until he can appreciate this adorable wooden choo-choo train....for now his sister is!
                                               Katelyn got her first dollhouse----AND loves it!
We started Christmas morning with Mommy reading the Christmas story from our children's Bible then praying as a family and thanking Jesus for His birthday
Does Elijah look Irish OR what is this pic with Uncle Jeff!!?!?
                                                                      Proud daddy!
Katelyn getting smothered by hugs from cousin Regan whom she adores!
Cheryl and I love playing games on the holidays with "the teens"
Ahhhhh...........Craig and his brother, Randy, crushing poor sister Susan!
We had to change Elijah every few hours just so he could wear all his cutie holiday clothes
                                                 Our little reindeer with Grandma Smith 

I was hoping to be better at updating our blog this's been a slow start!  I've been back to work since early January and things are going wonderfully, but it is busy!  Enjoy a few highlights from our Christmas celebrations!  We are so blessed by two wonderful families (Smiths/Adams) who know and love our Savior!  What a meaningful time we had celebrating with all of them.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

BIG Sister

Now that Elijah has joined our family, Katelyn just seems so big!  She continues to enjoy spying her letters wherever we are and loves to play ABC school in the bathtub!!  Bath-time has never been so much fun!  She got the foam letters and numbers for her b-day.  The other day, she put all her letters in a row, told me what they all were, then pointed under them and said "Helicopter"!  "I read, Mommy!  I read!"

Elijah Making Friends

              Elijah and Daniel Erdmann getting to know one another
               Sweet Sam Hondorp showing some love to little E-man


Smiles, Smiles Everywhere!!!

Elijah has stolen our hearts with his contagious smiles!!!  We love our little man :)

Snow Day!

Katelyn and her cousins, Isabel, Alyssa, and Emma had a blast building a snow fort and snowman on the first Snow Day of the year!!! Aunt Jeanne was in charge of all the kiddos :)